The international organization is composed of 12 representative departments, executive board, Implementation Council, operation Council, Continental headquarters, 14 headquarters, 7 departments and 7 offices, global headquarters and world support headquarters, 72 support agencies, etc. For 360 countries (regions, islands and tribes) in the world, the national laws approved by each country have been approved by all countries in the field of energy, logistics, port shipbuilding, space aviation, development and construction, io-wgcaigc (A-Z certification field and international standard green classification code giant, large, medium, small and differential categories) Accurate The legal provisions of the former scope are all scope laws. The industrial classification code and logistics code with the earth and universe multi cosmology, neutrino theory, infinite energy source, water, air and earth as the comprehensive guarantee, and the international standard green classification code for all fields as the basis for the transformation of the intellectual property rights guaranteed by the international standard green classification code into the guarantee of carbon emission rights, so that the earth and the universe will be transformed from generation to generation All shareholders, organic and non organic, are protected by international standard green technology and put into practice and implementation.

Article 1 Name

In order to fully implement international standards and green technology in all fields, the international organization was initiated by the Republic of Korea. In accordance with the international agreement of 25 territories of 15 Commonwealth countries in Oceania, the International Convention between states was adopted with the representatives of Oceanian federal states. In accordance with the treaty law and international Law mentioned in the Vienna Convention, Fiji, the G77 rotating chairman and speaker, was entrusted to the world for the first time It has registered the international intergovernmental body and the climate and environment constitution. In the Republic of Korea, the “io-wgca constitution” is registered as an international and foreign organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of environment and the meteorological agency. Its name comes from the io-wgca constitution.


This international organization promotes the acceptance of “IO” by major countries in Asia and America, such as the European Union, the African Union, the Oceania Union, the Republic of Korea and China- IO-WGCA constitution “and carries out international official duties in all areas of the world’s international standards, green technology, products, services, enterprises, asset evaluation, degree, qualification, international veterinary contract confirmation, etc.

<General Rules>

The international organization implements the IO-WGCA constitution to achieve the objectives of the Vienna Convention (Convention No. 1089 on the protection of the ozone layer) and the United Nations Framework Convention (Convention No. 1213 on climate change).

The “IO-WGCA constitution” is based on the agreement on trade related intellectual property rights (TRIPS treaty No. 265 – effective date, January 1, 1999), Article 8 use of green technology products in Chapter 18 of South Korea us free trade agreement (international standard green technology – effective date: March 15, 2012) and unlimited energy (Article 103 of the U.S. Patent Law and 1 of Article 106 of the Korean Patent Law), etc At the same time, Fiji (Oceania), the country that holds the rotating presidency and speaker of the parliament, has been entrusted to register in several countries according to the “international public trust law”, and has been published as the “constitution of green technology commodity practice agency”.

Therefore, it has passed the implementation of 2000 international laws, 150 ocean laws, and other intellectual property rights related to international standards, green certification patents and global climate environment And the international green certification certificate of io-wgca international green verification and certification system of all international laws related to trade. The certification certificate shall be notarized by the international notaries affiliated to the supervision department of each country’s legal affairs department, and the green technology or products shall be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Justice certification, consular certification) certification procedures, according to the WTO Trips stipulates that when green laws or national policies are enforced, MFN treatment will be obtained. Io-wgca implements green practices with wipmo-io-wgca.

Therefore, any member country is applied with the Most-Favored Nation Treatment and participates in implementation of “going green” with the intellectual property in regards with IO-WGCA, when they import and or export green commodities by following the steps below:

A) Attach the International Green Certification Patent.

B) Attach the International Green Certificate, which has passed the International Green Validation & Certification System of INGO-WGCA, which practices 2,000 international laws on the world climate environment, 150 international laws of the Sea, as well as all the international laws in regard to trades.

C) Have A) and B) internationally notarized.

D) Follow the authentication process of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Apostille of the Ministry of Justice, and Apostille of the consular).

Article 2 location

In order to deal with international affairs related to climate and environment, the international organization has set up relevant organizations in the European Union, Oceania Union, African Union, the Republic of Korea and China and other WTO member countries in Asia, central and South America and North America.

Article 3 Purpose

The international organization adopts international standard green technology and product practice to seek green growth. Its purpose is to use green industry as a new growth power to protect the climate environment, so as to develop the green economy of various countries, improve the life quality of global human beings, and then protect the organisms and organisms in the earth and space.

For this purpose , the international organization has commissioned and registered in 360 countries on the basis of the international public trust law, striving to make the practice of green technology products a national policy in all countries of the world. At the same time, in order to help countries to fulfill their responsibilities related to international green technology product practice, international green education is used to train professionals in education and budget of green land development, implementation of green plans in various fields related to climate and environment, and international qualifications and degrees in all fields related to Green Climate environment. Through the use of the international green fund to support countries to develop green cities and infrastructure, and to strengthen international cooperation with WTO Member States and developing countries, poor countries, island countries and tribal countries in fulfilling their green responsibilities in climate and environment.

The constitution of IO-WGCAis based on WTO / TRIPS Agreement, and follow law: they are ICC that determined by UNILC International law, International Criminal Court law and ICC International Chamber of Commerce and its arbitration court, as well as all international laws and conventions in international law, such as climate and environment law, law of the sea, international business law, criminal law, international treaty law, FTA, international intellectual property law, European Energy Law. IO-WGCAis guaranteed by the relevant international laws and International conventions.

In order to protect the organism and non organism of the earth and the universe, the international organization integrates the era before and after this era, and invents, discovers, academies and divides green technology products registered or accepted by WIPO as academic institutes and those registered in patent offices of various countries in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), such as micro electronics, quantum science, infinite energy, aeroengine, etc The first batch, second batch and third batch of international standard green technologies and products that integrate green technology, infinite energy, air energy engine and other green technologies are provided to the earth and the universe.

Moreover, all clothing, food and housing related to climate and environment that are necessary for green life. Human life will also be practiced through the developing green technology products, so as to save human beings who are troubled by the pollution of the earth’s environment and the Petrochemical oil depletion.

About all countries joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), simultaneous initiation of enforcement decrees and unanimous Commitment performance, they are the laws of Article 9 and patent law under the TRIPS Agreement, Article 8 of presidential decree 20729 (effective February 29, 2008), Article 103 of the United States Patent Law, and UNFCCC No. 1213 on the use of “international standard green technologies and products” to protect the earth and mankind.

Therefore, for all products involved in “international standard green technology and products”,IO-WGCA is applicable to paragraph 1 of Article 106 of the patent law and Article 31 of TRIPs; in the case of public non-commercial nature, even if there is no obligee, “compulsory expropriation” can be used to explore and produce international standard green technology products. The production of products, through the state licensing and registration procedures to supply, to enable them to fulfill their obligations. As an international organization can use the green technology registered in WIPO and the green technology registered in academic papers and other intellectual property rights.

The Republic of Korea and the country of compulsory practice of green law are the countries that implement the treaty law, and stipulate the green policy as the responsibility of the national and local governments, enterprises and citizens. The international standard green technology is classified as one of the countries of academic registration. All countries in the world have the mandatory obligation to develop and use green technology products with MFN treatment.

In other words, in order to implement green technology practice (unfccc-1213 basis), among all G20 countries including G77 developing countries and the poorest island countries, the contracting parties are obliged to implement the most favored nation treatment (TRIPS act – immediate implementation basis), and realize the coordinated development of economy, climate and environment through green technology product practice.

The international organization IO-WGCA(ingo-IO-WGCA/ wgcaf) is the first international organization with green technology product practice constitution, and is the intellectual property owner and designer. The Executive Board of directors was established with its headquarters in the Republic of Korea.

The main task of this international organization is to create green growth with international standard green technology products through the verification based on climate and environment constitution. It aims to take green industry as a new driving force of growth and developing national economy. Through the realization of green technology products, green industrial revolution and green society, we can improve the quality of life of human beings all over the world and realize international social peace.

In addition, all the international funds (green technology commodity funds, sand control funds, ocean clean campaign funds, environmental development funds and green city development funds) owned and managed in the world will be used to issue green funds for all countries and the Korean Peninsula in the headquarters of IO-WGCA global bank. This is implemented through IO-WGCA founding Executive Committee on behalf of IO-WGCA banks designated by each founding country and each relevant international organization, and is managed and operated by each IO-WGCA asset management company (SFC). Relevant international organizations will operate the world’s leading international green technology and product exchanges at their regional headquarters in each country to implement green technology product practices. Through the operation of the international standard green technology of IO-WGCAIGC (IO-WGCA international standard green certification) related to clothing, food, housing, industrial products, exchanges, etc., the regional headquarters provides commodities in the same way to 360 countries in the world, such as WTO accession countries, G20, G77, tribal countries, poverty-stricken countries and dependent areas.

South Korea is implementing the low-carbon green growth basic law necessary for green economic growth (Article 2, item 3, green technology commodity practice, Article 4, national responsibility, Article 5 local government responsibility, Article 6 responsibility of all enterprises, Article 7 responsibility of all citizens, and Article 8 has priority over other laws), which is the same as IO-WGCA constitutional concept. In China, the green policy has been formulated as one of the five major policies. The green policy stipulates that energy is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. WGCA(INGO-WGCA/WGCAF), as an international product organization, has carried out the responsibility of green technology revolution.

IO-WGCA is based on the Vienna agreement on international law and treaty law between the G20 of developed countries and G77 of the developing countries and the poorest countries, island countries and territories Through the supervision, monitoring, guidance, education, mutual investigation of all organisms and organisms in the earth and the universe that have adverse effects on the climate, environment and human beings, as well as the international standard green inspection and certification of green technology, products, enterprises and public institutions, the IO-WGCAof international standard green technology and product practice is supported The international organization of constitutional practice.

The IO-WGCA monitor will actively assist countries around the world in fulfilling their green duties and strictly regulate the organic and non-organic protection of the earth and the universe on the basis of the Constitutional Objective Cause No. 37, “The right to assist in investigations in cooperation with the global judiciary”.

“International standard green technology product practice” is a compulsory responsibility of all countries, local governments, enterprises and citizens all over the world. It is not only G20, developing countries, poorest countries and island countries, but also should use green products and green technologies verified and certified by international standards in the whole social field such as land development.

IO-WGCA constitution to WTO/set in the TRIPs agreement and UNILC international law the ICC statute, the international criminal court statute law, the ICC international chamber of commerce in the international law and its arbitration court of related law and international law climate environmental law, maritime law, international business law, criminal law and international treaty law, FTA, international intellectual property law all over the world, such as international law guarantee and continents.

In the Republic of Korea, this is equivalent to “the terms of reference discussed in the presidential executive order and Implementation Rules on intellectual property agreements and 《the basic law on low carbon green growth》 approved by the government of the Republic of Korea. In addition, 《the basic law on low carbon green growth》 is based on international law and treaty law, consistent with the objectives of “the IO-WGCA constitution” and including full field of disaster safety management.

《The European Energy Act 1 and 2》 is 《published as the International Energy Law, an appendix to the IO-WGCA Constitution》.Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions reduction areas included in international law and international finance, global asset utilization and life, land transportation, construction, infrastructure, logistics, medical, industrial, technology, resource development, new renewable energy and rational consumption, energy consumption constraints, water management, the national health and safety of drinking water supply, environmental protection car, resources recycling, technical issue cargo goods, commodity futures trading FX technology, carbon emissions trading, stock options, asset management and the purpose of corporate technology development area,The scope of responsibility of compulsory legal person green law applicable to FTA certification of WTO member states and their territories.

“IO-WGCA constitution” performs its duties through green education, experience certification, international degree certification and international qualification certification of certification system, and international financial certification of international green funds.

At the same time, this method is used to carry out green inspection and certification of international standards, support the certification after international notarization, and support the operation of relevant target projects registered in IO-WGCA. In addition, research institutes or academic circles in various countries are allowed to act as agency for international verification business, explore green technologies and green products, and conduct international verification. Support the recommendation and transaction of related business.

This international organization announces to the world the following:

In order to make people all over the world live a healthier and safer life, all countries should use international standard green technologies and products, and make it possible for non greenhouse gas energy.

This is not only the task of international institutions, but also the current task and responsibility of the people of the world.

Fossil fuels, which seriously affect the earth’s climate, and carbon dioxide, which seriously damage the Marine ecological environment, are released into the earth’s atmosphere in large quantities, which also pose a serious threat to human survival.To inventing new green technologies to reducing the greenhouse gases, international standard green technologies and product using practices are the primary issues of public interest. It is necessary using the green policies in every country compulsorily .

IO-WGCA(IO-WGCO / GCA / IO-WGCA/ WGCAF / GTO)the climate and environment constitution is formulated for the low-carbon international standard green technology, aiming to meet the public interests of developing and developed countries, or to verify and certify the developed and operated green technology. After certification, the international standard green technology and products will be promoted to the world. Green practices in all countries are designed according to the scope and purpose of the FTA.

They make significant impact on account of climate changing, such as human survival, health, employment, income and livelihood, gender exclusion or discrimination, education, housing, food security and poverty etc , and social factors of sustainable development as well.

Climate change will be more severe in the future. About deal with the earth’s abnormal phenomena, such as, abnormal climate and incomplete atmosphere, viruses, warmer, more acidic oceans, earthquakes,, rising sea level, they are the most important international issues. It is the mission and responsibility of mankind to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases before warming, and to use international standard green technology to restore the abandoned climate environment caused by human technology.

Therefore, the shareholders of “IO-WGCA” are all organisms and organisms in the earth and the universe. Those are their responsiblity for the “IO-WGCA climate, environment constitution ” within the scope of multidimensional space theory, neutrinos and infinite energy, the international laws and regulations recognized by the International Law Commission of the United Nations, and depends on what human beings doing for the organisms and inorganic on earth as well.

The International Organization will take necessary and mandatory measures to introduce new green technologies through the international network in order to develop and protect the earth, the home of mankind, by a cleaner and healthier way.The international organization is made up of the WTO, G77 and other countries. Its goal is to achieve equitable development of the world economy by reducing competition and monopoly caused by energy shortage.

Global registration of IO-WGCA(International Organization) is a common obligation under the Vienna Convention. The organization will provide international cooperation and technical assistance for the realization of the new practice of low-carbon international standard green technology for the development of safe and unlimited energy — air energy engine and hydrogen energy — in all countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and G77 members.

In addition, for the development and promotion of new renewable energy technologies, international standard green technologies will be jointly developed from international, regional, national and various fields, together with 12 representative departments, 14 global headquarters, global world support headquarters and national headquarters, and promote the use of international standard green technology products.

The birth of the international organization (io-wgca) entrusted by the constitution of io-wgca climate and environment of Fijian government and G77 countries is very important to revitalize, encourage and promote the green technology of low-carbon international standards, which can replace fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases. In order to achieve a more livable and clean earth home for human beings, we will mobilize international networks and mandatory international laws related to climate and environment, and strive to introduce new technologies verified by international green technologies, so as to help developing countries, island countries, poor countries and tribal countries gradually develop and build world-class international standard green cities.

The io-wgca climate and environment constitution, formulated by the World Trade Organization (WTO), G77, G20, UN cooperation organization, developing countries, island countries, tribal countries and other countries in the world, stipulates that the fair development of the world economy can be achieved by reducing the competition and monopoly caused by energy shortage.

“IO-WGCA climate and environment constitution” aims to implement the international green society without carbon dioxide, verify and certify the green technology of various countries through the international standard green technology, and popularize it all over the world, so as to promote the introduction of green energy production and the use of new ways to promote the economic development of their countries. In the long run, we should not only maintain peace and reduce disputes, but also help people all over the world improving their quality of life.

No matter what the social and economic system of any country, local government, state-owned enterprises, UN cooperation organizations and various institutions, as long as the “IO-WGCAclimate and environment constitution” is approved and registered, it will be recognized as a member state. All Member States will assume the responsibility and practical obligation of best efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere by adopting and promoting carbon dioxide free green energy generation methods.

Through coordinated and intensive measures, the international organization will help to establish joint cooperation networks among countries to expand international cooperation on the health and social welfare priorities of all peoples.

It will ensure that the national sustainable use of fuel access, and in G20, G77, developing countries, island countries, tribal countries and other international green cities and infrastructure construction and other aspects of international cooperation, all products will pass the international standard green technology certification. After certification, it will be classified according to the international standard green industry in import and export to help improve the climate environment.

G77, developing countries, island countries, poor countries and tribal countries will gradually reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, while gradually strengthening economic independence.

International efforts will be made to ensure that developing countries have equal rights in the use of carbon dioxide, renewable energy equipment and no energy in the air.

Furthermore, international organizations have an obligation to maintain and further strengthen trust with all their members and the international community.And to work with the international community to meet the world’s green energy needs.Ultimately, this international organization wishes to contribute to international peace and security.

<Operational and practical guidelines for IO-WGCA climate and environment constitution>

The international organization agrees to set up and register special associations and aid associations of “IO-WGCA” in the World Trade Organization Member States, G20, G77, tribal countries, island countries, etc.

“IO-WGCA” is responsible for the cooperation, research, development and production of green, clean, sustainable, unlimited energy, air energy engine, hydrogen energy low-carbon international standard green technology, as well as promoting the implementation of international standard green technology product by practice responsibility.

As stipulated in the Vienna Convention and the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, which aims to protect the ozone layer, this is consistent with the responsibility of the international body “IO-WGCAclimate and environment constitution”.

In addition, based on the patent law under the agreement on trade related intellectual property rights (TRIPS) and Article 8 of Presidential Decree No. 20729 of the Republic of Korea (effective on February 29, 2008), the investigation of advanced technology should be consistent according to the provisions of Article 9 of the order on the implementation of green technology action jointly initiated by WTO. We should strive to realize the effective technology that can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants to the greatest extent, and launch the international standard green technology products as soon as possible.

International standard green technology includes greenhouse gas emission reduction technology, energy efficiency technology, clean production technology, clean energy technology, resource recycling and environmental protection technology (including integration technology).

With regard to “public interest, non-commercial use” stipulated in Article 106, paragraph 1 (2) of the IO-WGCA climate and environment constitution, the Council of IO-WGCA agrees that it is obliged to perform the announced purposes of research and development and technology promotion for the production of alternative energy by using alternative technologies.

The “IO-WGCA climate and environment constitution”, which is fully guaranteed by international law all over the world, has the international green verification, certification patents of international standard green technology (products, services, enterprises, degrees, qualifications, international evaluation, international transactions), the green technologies, products registered on WIPO of the United Nations special organization, there is no difference in the use and development, so as to be fair In a way that includes legal persons of all countries, states and local governments, and aims at the interests of mankind all over the world.

“Io-wgca climate and environment constitution” aims to establish ties with governments and relevant public institutions, civil society organizations and private sectors in developed and developing countries, and promote them to undergo reform changes.

The development and promotion of innovative low-carbon international green technologies and scientific standards, so as to achieve green growth in relevant countries, will significantly reduce carbon emission energy equipment, in order to achieve public welfare and human health.

This green energy production technology will help to increase the recovery and generation of natural ecosystems by reducing fossil fuels that cause changes in the physical environment or the earth’s biosphere.

Ultimately, this will reduce the threat of reduced food production in ecosystems around the world that are naturally responsive to climate change, while providing opportunities for economic development for people around the world in a pollution-free and sustainable manner.

The economic interests of the international organization will shift subordinate authorities to marginalized sectors, support international relief efforts, and improve the health and well-being of the general public.

In addition, the use of low-carbon emission technology to promote citizens to participate in the construction of a healthy and civilized society, including the operation of green environmental protection undertakings.

This will promote the common concern of all member states that wish to use green technologies of international standards to promote green industries and promote project implementation in accordance with national laws and regulations, as well as the following closely related local governments, state-owned institutions or private institutions.

Under the guidance of non discriminatory policies, the international organization will vigorously promote the exchange and cooperation of material resources and personnel between G20, G77, developing countries, island countries, poor countries, tribal countries and other member states of WTO, so as to gradually build a green climate environment and world peace.

<Announcement method>

However, if due to computer failure or other unavoidable reasons can not be announced on the Internet, can be published in the relevant headquarters of the capital circle daily and headquarters of the website announcement.

<Business classification>

SFC and SPC (special purpose Council) SPC below CGI and GGG shall prevail-A.B.C consists of the following structures (regional headquarters units).

However, according to the organization and internal rules of climate environment arbitration institutions such as the climate environment futures exchange, each headquarters bank shall be subject to the IO-WGCA bank charter.

Article 4 Target Item

In order to achieve the objective of Article 3, the international organization undertakes the following work:

1. In order to support the UNFCCC and the Vienna Convention for the protection of the ozone layer, the international standard green technology has carried out substantive actions, and international conferences such as international organizations research conferences related to product practice and international business meetings of io-wgca members are held.

2. The global standard green technology, products, services, enterprises, degrees, qualifications, etc., including WTO member countries and developing countries, tribal countries, island countries and poor countries, have passed the international standard green technology verification and certification (IO-WGCAIGC) system, and promoted the training and visit guidance of relevant personnel to the world according to the international standard green classification code.

3. Provide technical and human support for the coordination of “IO-WGCA” green products and futures exchange projects, international green fund, international finance, banking registration and international fund, international financial trading headquarters project and climate and environment arbitration court support projects.

4.This is a hub functional project in 18 provinces and regions supporting 360 countries (regions, islands and tribes) to exchange international standard green technology

5.According to the “basic law of low carbon green growth”, it is necessary to create and protect green environment for the practice of green growth, green technology, green industry, green products, green life, green management and green development, and to provide support and education to WTO members, developing countries, poor countries and island countries.

6.Cooperate with other countries in the world to provide support for armed security, public security and security when carrying out international green city construction projects in Africa, Arab and Gulf regions where public security is relatively fragile.

7. 1-43 work and support projects of other international organizations in the “IO-WGCA climate and environment constitution”.

IO-WGCA constitutional goal items 1-43

1. Annex No. 7 of the proceedings of the world green climate organization is integrated with the items recorded in the constitution, charter and declaration of IO-WGCA (wgco / GCA);

2. Implement a package of development projects with green technology products in developing countries;

3. Green technology products futures, product trade, logistics business;

4. Green technology product development and construction projects;

5. Low carbon green growth basic law green technology product development;

6. 360 member states have joined the agreement fee income project;

7. Issue green technology product certification form verification and international green certification to 360 countries;

8. Vitalize the education, culture, art, science education and other undertakings of green technology in the countries and countries of WTO members; carry out graduate school education and operation licensing work (including online universities) for the world green climate organization of international organizations;

9. Charter of IO-WGCA(wgcaf / GCA), the constitution, 72 supporting agencies and their attached headquarters and committees, and international standard green technology product projects;

10. Approval of IO-WGCA global administrative support and global financial transaction administration of International Organizations Global Green Climate Association IO-WGCA/ marine shipbuilding administrative headquarters / continental headquarters (Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania, Northeast Asia, Eurasia, Arabia) and corporate headquarters of 72 asset operation companies (sfc1-72) in Asia. 100 legal persons (spc1-100) below each asset operating company (sfc1) manage and supervise business, and commercial legal persons are in charge of business and business management;

11. Fulfilling the responsibilities related to articles 2 and 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the basic law on low carbon and green growth and all support work for Article 6 of the basic law;

12. The project aims at green growth, resource circulation, agricultural products, green industry, green products, green life, green operation and other international green certification, and green enterprise green clothing, food and housing products in the whole field of public interests as the purpose of the presidential decree as the cause of globalization. (the Republic of Korea, as a party, includes the mandatory provisions for immediate and unconditional practice of the world’s most favored nation (MFN) and intellectual property applicable countries, developing countries and least developed countries under the trips provisions);

13. International Organization IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf) green technology exchange project;

14. International organizations,IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf) green technology products, international green fund, international finance, banking and registration, and international financial transaction headquarters project of International Fund;

15. International Organization IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf) green products exchange project of the world green climate agency;

16. International Organization IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf) Green Futures Exchange Project;

17. The international organization io-wgca (wgco / GCA / wgcaf) has 72 management and supervision and intercontinental projects of asset utilization administrative headquarters and asset operating companies;

18. International organizations,IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf), international organizations, support projects for national development and trade exchanges of marine logistics at home and abroad, basic law of cooperatives and organizational structure projects;

19. National activities related to IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf) and Jeju International Forum of international organizations;

20. The construction and support of the global presidential Memorial Park and the DMZIO-WGCA(IO-WGCA/ wgcaf) peace park and park support project for the North defectors;

21. International Organizations, Global Green Climate Association IO-WGCA, 360 countries and five oceans windless zone, marine wastes and marine industry, waste plastic removal, sand prevention and control, national development package of developing countries, marine green park, zero energy consumption house and marine residential industry construction projects;

22. To provide asset operation consulting for green technology practice and the establishment of royal palaces in South Korea;

23. Green technology backstage base, rehabilitation park construction and tourism (including medical tourism) and technical education projects in developing countries;

24. Green technology commodities, TV shopping, commodity exchanges, international financial exchanges, banks, radio stations, network affairs bureaus, universities, etc. used by IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf). Graduate school business (can register and set up branches in 360 countries, regions, islands, tribes, etc.);

25. The new rural movement practice project to realize the community construction of common existence;

26. IO-WGCA(wgco / GCA / wgcaf), an international organization and World Green Climate organization, trains talents through universities and graduate schools, verifies and explores intellectual property rights, green commodity inspection headquarters and green policy graduate school education through universities and graduate schools;

27. Training and verification of green technology supervision, administrative supervision of the Research Institute and the protection of the ozone layer of the climate environment, international green monitoring news supervision right (remove 5 words) and green audit supervision, supervision support projects;

28. Acting as io-wgco and IO-WGCA(IO-WGCA, global, WHQ), acting as CCGI’s Bangladesh business;

29. Business agent of IO-WGCA, IO-WGCAo (wgcaf / GCA) and IO-WGCAf (IO-WGCAf) of international organizations;

30. It can set up representative offices on continents and national headquarters for the work of io-wgca (wgcaf / GCA) global headquarters of international organizations, assist io-wgca (wgco / GCA / wgcaf) departments in the implementation of projects; The funds generated from the implementation of the project will be used to explore green technology products, international financial introduction, international green certification, green monitoring, world Ambassador support, etc. required by countries, developing countries and least developed countries to protect the climate and environment ozone layer. Assist io-wgca to use ICC rules such as world headquarters business and support business and io-wgca constitutional rules

31. In order to protect the climate, environment, ozone layer, human beings, animals and plants, branches have been set up in 360 countries to popularize green technology to the Republic of Korea and the world in accordance with the basic law on low-carbon green growth formulated by treaty law; in accordance with Article 1213 of the UNFCCC treaty law, as well as the “Rio Convention” and “Vienna Convention” To formulate and implement the mandatory provisions -IO-WGCA/ wgcaf constitution of green technology practice;

32. IO-WGCA business agency for the introduction of international financial exchanges;

33. Management of bidding documents, meeting minutes and implementation of constitutional texts of the International Organization World Green Climate Agency (IO-WGCA/ ingo-wgcaf / GCA / wgto / GTO / 72-sup org / io-wgco);

34. The registration and licensing documents of 360 countries including Bangladesh, India, China, Dubai, Nepal, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos of the international organization IO-WGCA(wgcaf / GCA), international organizations of 360 countries including the above countries, the world green climate agency The relevant documents issued by the global bank headquarters and the green fund were notarized by the legal entity of the central district attorney general’s office in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Korea (including a part of the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Korea) authenticates and submits to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea notarized and certified copies of the business progress of the country of registration, such as the Central District Court, etc;

35. For 360 countries (regions, islands, tribes) license document original management, the constitution entrusted and integrated management

36. The issuance documents of green funds in 360 countries (regions, islands and tribes), including Hong Kong, are under the unified management of international organizations, the global banking business of the world green climate agency and the global banking headquarters management;

37. To cooperate with the global judicial bodies to implement the coordinated investigation power, to supervise, supervise, educate, monitor and conduct joint investigations on all organisms and organisms that have adverse effects on the climate, environment and human beings;

38. 72 international organizations, the world green climate organization IO wgca (wgcaf/gca), support the management of global headquarters and 1-72 support agencies headquarters;

39. South Korea’s basic law on low carbon and green growth stipulates the responsibilities of the state, citizens, enterprises and local governments. The five major policies of the Chinese government include green policies within the scope of laws implemented in the country, and energy involves security issues. The free trade agreements signed by South Korea and other countries all over the world include the practical responsibilities of green technology products in Articles 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the basic law on low carbon and green growth, and provide international green certification and green product supply services to certification applicable countries (including developing countries and least developed countries that belong to the applicable countries of intellectual property rights in TRIPS);

40. The International Organization World Green Climate agency and the “China low carbon industry investment center” approved by the Standing Committee of the Chinese government led by the joint venture and cooperation on all green policies, signed the agreement on global banking, development, construction, logistics, energy, medical, green drugs, health, and healing related businesses;

41. Green logistics cooperation and international green low carbon industry agreed with Henan Provincial People’s government and Pingdingshan Municipal People’s government. Who international green business joint venture, cooperation, international green certification enterprises, green products, green responsibility agreement related business.

42. Passport issuing and management of international and foreign institutions and international civil servants of the global member states of the world green climate agency;

43. About shareholders: this international organization is an organization that will forever protect the organism and organism of the earth and the universe through the use of green technology commodities. Because of this, shareholders are organisms and organisms on earth.


IO-World Green Climate Association
International Organization / IO



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